Hey guys, sick of trying and failing to log into the GGPO servers and having to use shitty Adobe AIR, I’ve made my own client and server apps.

login ggpo 3s

The server only requires .NET 2.0 so you can run the server on a linux box via MONO.

The client will work fine in WINE on Linux/OSX :D

If you’re hosting a server make sure you have port 62222 forwarded.

If you’re a client make sure port 62222, 7000 and 7001 are forwarded to your local IP Address.

THERE WILL BE BUGS!  But it works fine at the moment!

DOWNLOAD SERVER – openGGPO_Server_0.5.0.0
DOWNLOAD SERVER Source Code – openGGPO_Server_0.5.0.0 Source Code

DOWNLOAD CLIENT – openGGPO_Client_0.5.0.0
DOWNLOAD CLIENT Source Code – openGGPO_Client_0.5.0.0 Source Code

RAEM Hey guys, just updated RAEM to v0.5.6.0!  Thanks to user’s reporting issues with RAEM overwriting existing system config files.  This should solve the problem, as now it will only update existing system config files with new data and keep your custom configured settings.


- Hopefully fixed errors with overwriting custom System configs. (Thanks to 24Hz & BuckoA51 for reporting the error).

Just download the new release and overwrite the current RAEM exe.

Download – ( EXE ) ( GITHUB SOURCECODE )

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