RAEM Hey guys, just updated RAEM to v0.5.6.0!  Thanks to user’s reporting issues with RAEM overwriting existing system config files.  This should solve the problem, as now it will only update existing system config files with new data and keep your custom configured settings.


- Hopefully fixed errors with overwriting custom System configs. (Thanks to 24Hz & BuckoA51 for reporting the error).

Just download the new release and overwrite the current RAEM exe.

Download – ( EXE ) ( GITHUB SOURCECODE )


RAEM NOTE: RA-Player is now known as RAEM (To avoid confusion with Real Player)

So it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a new version of RAEM. So I thought I’d upload a milestone Binary! Finally you can configure Core options AND controls through RAEM!!

- Configure Core Options (Preliminary Advanced Mode)

- Configure Controls per Core (requires “retroarch-joyconfig.exe”)

- Added an Automatic Archive extension to System Ext Types

- Bugfixes galore



These new options are available by Right clicking the System name like;


Download – ( EXE ) ( GITHUB SOURCECODE )

UPDATED: 22 April 2014

Decided to make up Shockbox Inserts for all my current MVS games because I couldn’t find a decent collection that remained constant.













DOWNLOAD: Last Blade

DOWNLOAD: Last Blade 2

DOWNLOAD: Metal Slug X

DOWNLOAD: Metal Slug 4

DOWNLOAD: Puzzle Bobble


Last Updated 18 April 2014

Game Name


Game Picture

PCB Image

WORLD Region

JAPAN Region
JAPAN Region
JAPAN Region
World Region
JP Region
USA Region
USA Region
JAPAN Region
USA Region
USA Region
USA Region
USA Region
USA Region
World Region
USA Region
JP Region
USA Region
USA Region
(Full Kit)
Export Region
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ASIA Region
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System Name


PCB Image

Capcom CPSII ‘A’ Board ( * 2) ASIA Region
Capcom CPSIII Setup Full Third Strike Capable DIMM’s

Updated 9 April 2014

(Not really interested in Kits or Artwork. Must be original USA/JAP, no bootlegs or Korea versions please);

2020 Baseball [NeoGeo MVS]
Art of Fighting [NeoGeo MVS]
Art of Fighting 2 [NeoGeo MVS]
Art of Fighting 3 [NeoGeo MVS]
Blue’s Journey/Raguy [NeoGeo MVS]
Crossed Swords [NeoGeo MVS]
Fatal Fury Special [NeoGeo MVS]
Garou: Mark of the Wolves [NeoGeo MVS]
Ghouls N’ Ghosts [CPS1]
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition [CPS2]
King of Dragons [CPS1]
King of Fighters ’94 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of Fighters ’95 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of Fighters ’96 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of Fighters ’97 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of Fighters ’99 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of Fighters 2001 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of Fighters 2003 [NeoGeo MVS]
King of the Monsters [NeoGeo MVS]
King of the Monsters 2 [NeoGeo MVS]
Last Blade [NeoGeo MVS]
Last Blade 2 [NeoGeo MVS]
Last Resort [NeoGeo MVS]
Magic Sword [CPS1]
Marvel Vs Capcom [CPS2]
Marvel Super Heroes [CPS2]
Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter [CPS2]
Matrimelee [NeoGeo MVS]
Mega Twins / Chiki Chiki Boys [CPS1]
Mutation Nation [NeoGeo MVS]
Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf [NeoGeo MVS]
Ninja Combat [NeoGeo MVS]
Ninja Master’s [NeoGeo MVS]
Rage of the Dragons [NeoGeo MVS]
Real Bout Fatal Fury [NeoGeo MVS]
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special [NeoGeo MVS]
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 [NeoGeo MVS]
Samurai Shodown [NeoGeo MVS]
Samurai Shodown II [NeoGeo MVS]
Samurai Shodown III [NeoGeo MVS]
Samurai Shodown IV [NeoGeo MVS]
Samurai Shodown V Special [NeoGeo MVS]
Sengoku [NeoGeo MVS]
Sengoku 2 [NeoGeo MVS]
Sengoku 3 [NeoGeo MVS]
Shock Troopers [NeoGeo MVS]
Shock Troopers 2nd Squad [NeoGeo MVS]
Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting [CPS1]
Street Fighter Zero [CPS2 - ASIA GREY]
Street Hoop / Dunk Dream [NeoGeo MVS]
Super Dodgeball [NeoGeo MVS]
Super Spy [NeoGeo MVS]
Super Street Fighter II Turbo/X [CPS2]
Top Hunter [NeoGeo MVS]
Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire [CPS2]
Waku Waku 7 [NeoGeo MVS]
WindJammers [NeoGeo MVS]
World Heroes [NeoGeo MVS]
World Heroes 2 [NeoGeo MVS]
World Heroes 2 Jet [NeoGeo MVS]
World Heroes Perfect [NeoGeo MVS]
X-Men Vs Street Fighter [CPS2]

Playstation Vita Manager PSVeeter v0.8 Released!


- Finally fixed reading the Title and Game ID’s
- Separated the Savegames, as both PSX & PSP Savegames share Categories.
- Should be much faster!
- Still have to trim a heap of old code for next release (Not needed anymore)


NOTE: Make sure you have Microsft .NET 4.0 installed!!

Download ( EXE ) – ( SOURCE )

Part 11 – More Surprises!

After having replaced the control panel, I decided the next most important thing on the list was to get the sound working through the JAMMA edge connector.

I have ordered a replacement 001 Loom and a replacement Sound AMP;

001 Loom
Sega JVS to JAMMA 001 Loom – Sega Part No # 600-7143-001


Sega Model 3 Sound AMP – Sega Part No # 838-12796

So those parts should be here sometime next week, and I thought that would solve my audio problems but it seems there are more surprises waiting for me. As I was inspecting the wiring inside the cabinet I noticed this;

CN10Snipped Wires

I traced those using a Blast City wiring schematic and it seems they should go to the Left + Right Audio connector on the power supply (To be passed to the sound AMP). To my surprise I found the following on the Power supply connector;

CN1Hmm Strange! Where do they go to…

So I followed the wires and guess what I found?

RCAsDirectly to the RCA Audio Jacks, so thats how they’ve hacked it, and why the Sound AMP blew!

So they have bypassed the harness and internal wiring all together and wired the RCA connectors directly to the PSU Sound AMP Pass through. So with this setup, when using a board that has RCA jacks it will feed the sound from BOTH the JAMMA edge and RCA jacks, hence the blown sound AMP.

So here’s how it is wired at the moment;

MINEMy Hacked wiring at the moment

And now here’s how it should look, when I’ve reattached the hacked wires and installed the official 001 Loom;

NOTMINEHow it should be wired

As you can see its pretty different. The best explanation I can think of is that who ever converted this cabinet from Model 3 (JVS) to JAMMA, used what parts they had lying around and hacked it to work but in the process blew the sound amp so they then hacked it further and made the RCA plugs come directly from the PSU connector.

That’s about it for now, next post should be when I receive both the Sound AMP + 001 Loom, that should be in about a week’s time fingers crossed!

Continued in Part 12!

Part 10 – Everything’s coming up Millhouse!

So I had chosen to replace the … Control Panel! This was probably going to be the most expensive of the lot but because I could still get sound through the RCA plugs with certain boards I chose this as the current control panel was pretty terrible;

PANEL_FIXUPNote: I had printed out a temporary Black and White Instruction Space Card I made.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAControl Panel that came with Cabinet from Supplier

As you can see theres a fair bit of Damage but the more important reason I wanted a replacement was not apparent from the pictures. The Panel was very flexible, it felt like it was made out of thick plastic so when you were playing it flexed and bowed. It just felt pretty bad when playing so I needed a replacement.

I really wanted an Official Sega replacement, but those are not produced anymore so the next best thing was a SANWA Licensed Sega Blast City Arcade control Panel. So there was a few places that stocked them but I had had a good experience with AkihabaraShop before so I decided to order from them.

The next decision was whether I ordered a complete panel with buttons, joysticks & wiring installed or the Panel, buttons and joysticks seperately and reuse the wiring I have at the moment. After tallying up the prices there was quite a big difference;

Ordering Seperately;
12  x     NB-4-15                         120¥
 1  x     JLF-TP-8Y ( Color:Green )     2,195¥
 2  x     OBSF-24 ( Color:Yellow )        358¥
 12 x     FN-4                            120¥
 6  x     OBSF-30 ( Color:Green )       1,134¥
 6  x     OBSF-30 ( Color:Pink )        1,134¥
 1  x     OOM-8-6BSR-H-Empty-Panel      8,290¥
 1  x     JLF-TP-8Y ( Color:Pink )      2,195¥
AIR MAIL:                               3,560¥
 Sub-Total:                            15,546¥
 Total:                                19,106¥

Figure A. Ordering Parts Seperately

So that came to around $210 AUD at the time which was pretty damn good compared with the prebuild panel;

1  x    OOM-8-6BSR-H                 20,900¥
AIR MAIL:                            3,560¥
Total:                               24,460¥

Figure B. Ordering Completed Panel

Which came to $270 AUD, so I could save $60 AUD just by reusing the wiring I had already fixed up myself and installing the buttons and joysticks myself! So I ordered the the Parts seperately and waited.

About a week and a half later, I got a knock on the door. To my excitement I took hold of and opened this beauty;

NEW_BLASTCITY_PANELIsn’t it GLORIOUS?! (After I put the buttons and sticks in)

Such a nice panel, super shiny Stainless Steel on the back, really solid panel. I wasted no time putting the buttons and joysticks in and then I removed the previous panel and wired this badboy up!

BLASTCITY_WITH_NEW_PANELLooking more and more Restored! :D

Words really can’t describe how much better this panel plays than the previous. Rock Solid, more accurate, … Just all round near perfect!

So with that done, I check one thing off a shortening list;

  • Replace the 001 JAMMA Loom
  • Replace the Sound AMP
  • Get Artwork for the Marquee Area
  • Get Artwork for the Control strip Area
  • Replace the Control Panel and Controls
  • Fit replacement Door/Panel locks
  • Touch up chips and scratches in Cabinet

So that’s the current status of the cabinet. I will be getting to the other remaining items when I get the money and time to. I will probably order the replacement JAMMA Loom and Sound AMP next but depending on circumstances it could be any one of them (I may leave the touchup till last).

Comparison: Mine Vs Original Factory (Getting close!)

Rollover the above image (Might take a second to load) to see what I hope to have it look like by the end. (Excuse my poor photo editing skills) ;)

Continued in Part 11!